Farm Management Resources

Farm Record Keeping Resources

OSU Extension has developed an Quicken Agricultural Users Manual for farm businesses using Quicken to complete their farm accounting.

Click here to access the Computerized Farm Record Keeping with Quicken® 2014 Manual (Oklahoma State University)

Click here to access the Computerized Farm Record Keeping with Quick Books® 2010 Manual (Oklahoma State University)

Click here to access the Computerized Farm Record Keeping with Quicken® 2007 Manual (Ohio State)

Click here to access a Pre-Defined Set of Agriculture Categories and Classes to Use in Quicken

Click here to access Oklahoma State University's Quickbooks for Agriculture Manual

The Ohio Commercial Farm Account Book has been the choice of many farm families for decades.  Attached are two links for producers to either buy or download for free (Excel)

Click here to obtain an Excel version of the Ohio Commercial Farm Account Book

Click here to access the Ohio State E-Store where you can buy the Ohio Commercial Farm Account Book on-line.  This book can also be purchased by visiting your local OSU County Extension office.

Farm Custom Rates

These surveys show what the normal charge is different agricultural services.

2012 Ohio Farm Custom Rates

2010 Ohio Farm Custom Rates

2010 Iowa Farm Custom Rates

2009 Pennsylvania Machinery Custom Rates

Farmers Tax Guides

You are in the business of farming...... if you cultivate,operate, or manage a farm for profit, either as owner or tenant. A farm includes livestock,dairy, poultry, fish, fruit, and truck farms. It also includes plantations, ranches, ranges, and orchards. The Farmer's Tax Guide publication explains how the federal tax laws apply to farming. Producers should use this publication to figure your taxes and complete your farm tax return.  Click here to access the IRS Web Site explaining the Tax Law for Farmers.

Click here for a copy of the 2013 Schedule F (Farming) for the 1040

Ohio Ag Manager

Ohio Ag Manager Newsletter is a monthly newsletter from Ohio State University Extension which discusses current issues in Agricultural cost, labor, grain marketing, energy, estate planning, transitioning the farm to the next generation and other topics.

Current Agricultural Use Valuation Program

Click here to access a paper written by the Ohio Department of Taxation describing how the CAUV land tax is calculated in Ohio.


Budgeting for Agricultural Enterprises

The Ohio State University Extension Agricultural Enterprise Budget Series is a good place to start looking at individual enterprises budgets (from corn to cattle).  These budgets will allow farmers to evaluate the feasibility of growing/raising a specific enterprise.  They can also be used to judge how productive your current agricultural enterprises are.  These budgets give you a comprehensive look at fixed and variable cost along with income.  Recent additions are in Microsoft Excel format and can be easily changed to reflect your cost and receipts.

Transitioning the Farm Business

A series of fact sheet to help businesses step through the process of moving management and assets to the next generation of the business. This new series of factsheets was published in 2007.

  • Conducting a SWOT Analysis of Your Agricultural Business (pdf only)
  • Conducting Successful Family Business Transition Meetings (pdf only)
  • Develop a Useful Mission Statement for Your Agricultural Business (pdf only)
  • Developing Goals for the Agricultural Business (pdf only)
  • Developing the Next Generation of Managers (pdf only)
  • Planning for the Successful Transition of Your Agricultural Business (pdf only)
  • Starting, Organizing, and Managing an LLC for a Farm Business (pdf only)
  • Tax Characteristics of Business Entities Available to Ohio Farmers (pdf only)
  • Using Liability Limiting Entities to Manage Liability Exposure for Ohio Farms (pdf only)
  • Is a Prenuptial Agreement Right for Your Farm Business? (pdf only)
  • Whole Farm Planning Model (pdf only) 

  • What Should I Do With the Farm?

  • Estate Planning Fact sheet Series

    A series of fact sheets that covers issues related to estate planning. Click on each link to learn more. 

                Introduction, EP-1-09 (pdf only)
                Costs Involved in Transferring Property, EP-2-09 (pdf only)
                Tax Basis if Property Is Transferred, EP-3-09 (pdf only)
                Why Have a Will?, EP-4-09 (pdf only)
                Letter of Instruction, EP-5-09 (pdf only)
                Life Insurance, EP-6-09 (pdf only)
                Trusts, EP-7-09 (pdf only)
                Giving, EP-8-09 (pdf only)
                Sale of Residence, EP-9-09 (pdf only)
                Nursing Home Dilemma, EP-10-09 (pdf only)
                Medicare and Medigap, EP-11-09 (pdf only)
                Miscellaneous Issues, EP-12-09 (pdf only)


    Purdue University's Retirement Calculator

    Are you interested in learning more about how much money you will need for retirement.  If so, click here to access Purdue University's On-Line Retirement Estimator for Farm Families.  This calculator will help you calculate your retirement income needs. Click here to access the print version of the Purdue Retirement Estimator.

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